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Post Hole Diggers Hamilton
Post Holes Hamilton - Life Span of a post!
Post Hole Diggers Hamilton
Post Holes Hamilton - Master Post Hole
post holes hamilton


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post holes hamilton
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Post Hole Diggers Hamilton

Check out Master Post Hole Diggers Hamilton new website out @ www.postholeshamilton.com

Post Holes Hamilton is ready to start the post hole digging season in the Hamilton area in the next two weeks!  Call know for bookings!

Post Holes Hamilton - Life Span of a post!

Common Question Asked:

How long will my fence post last?

Most ground Master Post Hole Hamilton drills is clay.  Clay tends to hold in water, depending on how wet your property is!  

Roughly 20 - 25 years is a rough estimate on how long your 4x4 pressure treated post should last in the right soil condition.  

Master Post Hole ideally tries to drill approximately 3.5-4 feet depending on your soil conditions.  Our team sets the post right the first time and they understand the amount of portland that should be mixed in to achieve the best concrete mix for your fence posts.

Post Hole Diggers Hamilton

Master Post Hole Digger Hamilton is ready to drill post holes in the Hamilton and surrounding areas!  Spring has finally arrived lets put our snow shovels up till next year and our fence and deck plans in gear.  Call us anytime and our team is always willing to help or give ideas!  We are out drilling posts holes this week!  

Post Holes Hamilton - Master Post Hole

Check out our new website!  www.postholeshamilton.com

post holes hamilton

Looks like another snowy week in Ontario.
Master Post Hole Hamilton is ready to start to drill but looks like a delay until next week.  Spring is coming soon!  Don't delay book soon we are filling up fast.  Remember Master Post Hole Hamilton takes care of the locates, drilling, setting and lining of the posts.  You just need to supply your posts and mark out your locations and if you have issues with some markings our team can help!  Once the posts are in the ground you can build in 24 hours.  Master Post Hole Hamilton always warranty our work against frost heave for 2 years.  We will not dissapoint we never cut corners!  Give us a call at 289.439.4777 or text at 5198614653...  We deliver perfect post holes every time! 

post holes Hamilton

Do I need to call anyone before digging any holes in Hamilton and surrounding areas?

A: No, not if Master Post Hole Hamilton is doing the digging.  We take care of the locates  and it is the law!

You are required to call the city building department if you a building a deck that requires a permit and building inspector.  Call Master Post Hole Hamilton for more information!

Master Post Hole Hamilton

Many Homeowners and Call about Property Lines.  Take a look at this article and many of your questions will be answered.  Questions call Master Post Hole @ 905.337.7773 or text (519)861.4653 

Building a fence
Many landowners simply build a fence along what they think is their property line – risking problems ranging from annoyed neighbours to potential challenges to their property boundaries.Put it on the lineIdeally, a new fence between two properties should be located on the boundary, enabling each neighbour to own half of the fence and share the maintenance and replacement costs equally.

Master Post Hole Hamilton

Master Post Hole Hamilton is open for business March 2017.  Book early for your fence/deck projects. Remember we always look after the locates and warranty our work against frost heave for 2 years.  We have been in business for over 20 years (perfect post hole Milton/Burlington Franchise)  Give us a call we are ready to help!  Bye, Bye Winter, Hello Sun!!!  

Master Post Hole Hamilton Bookings

Some Availibility to book your fence posts before the Labour Day Weekend.  Give Master Post Hole Hamilton a call (905)337.7773 or text (519)861.4653.  We do require locates they can take up to 4-5 working days to complete and we take care of this process!  Give us a call!

Sono Tube Installation with Master Post Hole

Your post footings are the foundation of your deck so you better make sure you find the right company to install sono tubes/pier supports.  Your deck is only as strong as its foundation. 

Sono Tubes/Pier Supports are a round cardboard tubes that can be 8 to 60 inches wide.  The tube will be filled with poured concrete and attached is a bracket at the top of the footing.

You should check your local building codes in the Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Brantford, Simcoe and Kitchener area to make sure your deck plan will pass inspection.