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Post Holes Hamilton - Life Span of a post!
Post Hole Diggers Hamilton
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Post Holes Hamilton

Post Hole Season has started!  Spring is finally here!  Book early for your posts in the Hamilton and Burlington area.  Remember we supply the concrete and we have the home owner supply the posts!  Hamilton book early for your post hole projects.  We also specialize in sono tube installation!

Master Post Hole Hamilton


Property Lines

I recommend that when you build a fence, the ideal way to do it is to place it on your property so that the outside of the fence touches your property line.  

Fence Building (post holes) Hamilton

Have had a couple of questions in regards to fence building laws in the city of Hamiton, Ontario.

I have attached a link below!


If you are unsure of the laws give a read or call the city of Hamilton.

We at 'Master Post Hole Hamilton', do not want you to end up with any legal issues when your fence is already built.

Please take a look especially if you are building a fence at the front of your property or a corner lot!

Master Post Hole Hamilton!

It has been such a long winter!!  Glad to see the snow gone!

Master Post Hole is gearing up for the 2015 Season.  We are booking up fast!  

Like always we take care of the Locates.  The clearances from bell, hydro, cable and gas.  We can't drill without Locates; its the law!!

Call for a quote or book an appointment.

We are fully insured company and we care about our clients.  

Enjoy the week!

Marking out Post Holes for fence!

Great Video on how to mark out your fence posts!!  

Have any questions or concerns feel free to contact Master Post Hole anytime!
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Fence Installation Tips: Layout and Digging Post Holes
Laying out the dimensions for your fence will make the installation process run smoothly. In this video we will lay out the lining for the fence. First, make some batterboards to support the fencing l...

Master Post Hole Open for the 2014 Season!!

The winter was long but we welcome the Spring 2014 Season!

So happy for the Sunny Days again! 

It is not to late to book your fence post holes or deck footings!  

Send a quick e-mail or give a call!  

Vinyl fence posts!

Great Link if you are interested in installing vinyl fence posts!  We can set vinyl fence posts but you just need to make sure of the distance required for exact spacing.  Vinyl fencing is different from building a wooden fence yourself!  Vinyl fence posts require exact spacing.  All measurements need to be exact for your building.  Check out Home Depots Vinyl Fence page.


Remember a fence is only as good as the post.

Digging Post Holes Kills Farmer Destroys 2 Homes

Post holes without locates
Locate underground utilities before diggingYou may or may not know about the law requiring you call for utility locating before you do any excavation. The pictures below are a result of a farmer using a post hole digger without calling for a “locate” and he hit an underground, high-pressure cross country gas pipe.The farmer was never found.  The gas explosion took out 2 homes.
Post Holes without locates Post Holes without locates

Utility Locate Markings

People always ask what the markings indicate on the ground when Locator's come out to homeowners properties.  Always call your locates, even if you are drilling 1 or 2 holes make sure you take the time to call your locates.  Also Master Post Hole, will take care of your locates!  Always have the locates in the excavators' name always!  

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Master Post Hole and Locates!!

Locates are important, Master Post Hole can't drill without them!  We take care of the locates always!

Safety Starts with You!Obtaining locates are easy, free, and most importantly, the first step in safe excavation!Consider that in 2009, of all reported utility damages in Ontario, 70% of damages caused by Homeowners were a direct result of not obtaining locates. Failure to obtain locates leading to subsequent utility damages carry multiple fines, fees to repair damaged utilities, and more.