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Post Hole Locates

Master Post Hole Digger Hamilton, takes care of the utility line locates. Locates are required by law and your post hole digger is responsible to take care of the locates. You do not want to have the liability.  

An underground utility is damaged nationwide every 6 seconds because someone decided to dig first without calling the 'Ontario One Call'.  


We will not drill any post holes without locates. Please look at my pictures on the post holes blog! Locates in Ontario, is a very easy process and Master Post Hole will take care of the locates for your post holes, deck holes, sono tubes or any of your fencing or deck projects.  

The why behind LOCATES?

If you plan to disturb the ground, find out where the buried facilities on your property that are owned by the utilities are as part of your project planning process. If, for example, you are planning to build a fence, the presence of buried facilities may dictate where posts cannot be installed, which may affect the design of the fence, including the location of gates. Most utilities are registered with Ontario One Call, but some are not. Those that are not, you will have to contact directly to have their buried facilities identified and marked. 

The information Ontario One-Call requires to process your locate request includes: 

• telephone number where you can be reached during the day;

• your name; • the address where the ground disturbance is to take place; • the type of work you will be doing; • the approximate depth of the proposed ground disturbance; • whether the work will be on public property or private property or both; • the date you need the locates by Ontario One-Call will provide you with a “Ticket Number”, which you should keep for future reference and a list of Ontario One-Call’s members that will be notified on your behalf. 

You should expect the locates to be completed within a minimum of 3-5 working days of when you placed the locate request. We are are able to call in priority locates as well! Locators will leave documentation of the locates for you, which explains the meaning of the marks, provides information on how to contact the utilities should you need to and any additional instructions related to the buried facilities that have been located.

Master Post Hole Digger Hamilton 289.439.4777